Four members of an Arkansas family test positive for COVID-19

A Morrilton family had four family members who tested positive for COVID-19, and within a week, one of them passed away.

MORRILTON, Ark. — One Morrilton family has been hit particularly hard by COVID-19. Four family members tested positive — one of them died. Now, two more are sick as they await test results.

On June 11, 87-year-old Raymond Thomey died on the way to the hospital in Little Rock.

Within days, his two sisters and one of their husbands also tested positive. Both women have fever and stomach ache, but the husband was asymptomatic.

Their niece Katie Epperson is sharing their story because they want people to understand nothing about this virus is a hoax. It’s very real.

“Ray and Marguerite all of a sudden got really sick went to hospital last week,: Epperson said, “and Ray passed away a few hours later in the middle of the night. They had to intubate him to get him to Little Rock and I think he passed away in Conway on the way.”

They have no idea how they got it or why it took one of their loved ones’ lives and left another asymptomatic. But it’s all happened quickly.

“I’ve heard it all,” Epperson said. “I’ve heard people say this is a conspiracy or this is the government. But no, we’ve actually seen it. And it is real and it can happen very fast. There’s younger people getting it in there 60s, in 80s — I don’t think it matters how old you are — you need to be wearing your mask. Wash your hands.”

Epperson said it’s a highly transmissible virus. She urges everyone to take it seriously, especially when they go out in public.

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