Schwyhart Reveals Cancer Diagnosis During Testimony

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Bill Schwyhart disclosed that he has inoperable stage 4 cancer during testimony this morning in bankruptcy court in Dallas.

Schwyhart, 62, revealed the dim prognosis under questioning by the legal team defending him against bankruptcy fraud charges.

The brief cross-examination of the once high-flying northwest Arkansas real estate developer was conducted by Dallas attorney John Leininger, co-counsel to Brian Ferguson of Rogers, who is pursuing creditor claims of more than $800,000 against Schwyhart and his wife, Carolyn.

Leininger asked Schwyhart if he had disclosed the diagnosis to Ferguson or him.

“No,” Schwyhart answered.

Leininger said he wanted Schwyhart to know that he was praying for a cure for him. 

“There is no cure,” Schwyhart said.

“There’s always hope, Mr. Schwyhart,” Leininger said.

A reference to Schwyhart undergoing chemotherapy was made in passing during yesterday afternoon’s testimony. While on the witness stand today, Schwyhart said he received a terminal diagnosis six months ago.

Closing arguments were being heard Wednesday afternoon.