La-Z-Boy Moves Some Production to Siloam Springs Plant

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La-Z-Boy Inc. of Monroe, Michigan, expects to have about 350 employees back at work at its production facility in Siloam Springs as the company transfers part of its production line to the site.

The facility, which had employed about 400 people, had been temporarily closed in March as the company responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. La-Z-Boy furloughed 70% of its global workforce and closed numerous stores and distribution centers as well.

The company partially reopened its production and retail lines in April. Earlier this month, it announced it would lay off 850 employees, about 10% of its workforce, in a filing with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

La-Z-Boy also said it would close an upholstery plant in Mississippi and transfer part of the production line to Siloam Springs, as well as to plants in Missouri and Tennessee.

“[W]e are confident we will emerge from the crisis with strength and remain a leader in the industry,” company CEO and President Kurt Darrow said in a news release. “Since restarting production at the majority of our plants at the end of April, we have steadily increased production and continue to bring back more employees to meet demand. As more states open and allow our retail partners to re-engage with their customers, we anticipate a stepped process of increasing production and bringing additional employees back to work.”