Prince Harry celebrates mother’s charity winners on Diana’s 59th birthday

The Duke gave special mention to those Diana Award recipients who have been seen for their work on issues related to race and injustice.

Prince Harry made a surprise video on Wednesday for the annual award ceremony honoring young people in the name of his late mother, Princess Diana.

His recording posted on the Diana Award’s Instagram profile was even more special because it fell on what would have been his mother’s 59th birthday, July 1, 2020.

The Duke of Sussex gave a special mention to those Diana Award recipients who have been recognized for their work on issues related to race and injustice. 

“You are all doing such incredible work, and at a time with great uncertainty, you have found the power and inspiration inside of you to make a positive mark on the world. And, I love that the Diana Award is able to help you do it,” the Duke said. Prince Harry continued by saying, “I know my mother has been an inspiration to all of you. I can assure you that she would be fighting in your corner.”

In his speech, Harry addresses the Black Lives Matter movement and his wife, Megan Markle’s recent comment, “that our generation and the ones before us haven’t done enough to right the wrongs of the past.”

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“Institutional racism has no place in our societies, yet it is still endemic,” he said. “Unconscious bias must be acknowledged, without blame, to create a better world for all of you.”

Harry said that he is “committed to being part of the solution and to being part of the change that you are all leading.”

“Right now, we’re seeing situations around the world where division, isolation and anger are dominating as pain and trauma come to the surface. But I see the greatest hope in people like you, and I’m confident about the world’s future and its ability to heal because it is in your hands,” he said.

The Duke then handed it over to 24-year-old James Frater from London, England. Frater is tackling racial inequality by creating initiatives to increase the representation of black students at universities.

He is working to make access to education and opportunities more equitable for everyone, regardless of their background. 

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