Mother and daughter reunite for first time after 4 months in nursing home

After four months of not being able to see her mother, Vickey Bradley jumped at the chance to take her mother home as soon as the doors reopened.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Nursing homes across Arkansas reopened to visitors Wednesday.

But one central Arkansas family took the day as an opportunity to make sure their loved one is never isolated without them again.

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“I haven’t seen my mother since March, so this is a treat,” said Vickey Bradley.

Bradley eagerly waited to see her mother, Maria, for the first time in what seemed like forever.

Maria made her way out of the Fox Ridge Nursing Home doors Wednesday in North Little Rock where her family greeted her with open arms.

COVID-19 left tight restrictions on assisted living facilities.

Maria has spent most of the last three months alone in her room, and her mental status took a drastic dive.

But now, she’s not getting just a single visit. She’s going home.

“I just felt like through the holidays it’s going to be closed again. We do not want mother to spend the holidays by herself,” said Bradley.  

The Bradley family is adjusting their own lives to provide for Maria in their home.

“We are going to try to keep her as protected as we can, but sometimes you just got to see your family and weigh the risk,” said Bradley.

Maria said she looks forward to a haircut soon and getting back to life as she knows it.

“I’m excited, I’ve been a little aggravated,” said Maria. “I haven’t gotten to play my piano in months.”

Bradley said she hopes these things will help her mother’s memory and gain back strength.

The state has not cleared all long-term living facilities just yet.

About 60 of them could not reopen Wednesday because they have at least one COVID-19 case.

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Some even without cases are choosing not to open just yet.

Governor Asa Hutchinson said it’s up to each facility on when they choose to allow visitors after being cleared.