Gov. Hutchinson: No discussion to move school start date again

Gov. Hutchinson said that he has yet to discuss a plan to move Arkansas’s school start date again because of the coronavirus pandemic.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — There has been no further discussions on moving the school start date in Arkansas again, according to Governor Asa Hutchinson.

On July 9, the governor announced that the start date would be moved back to begin the week of August 24 but no later than August 26.

He said the decision to move back the beginning of the fall semester was to help school districts prepare for coronavirus precautions in the classrooms.

Hutchinson also explained how schools should respond to any cases that may be confirmed while school is in session.

Credit: Governor’s Office

The governor also said that there would not be wide-spread testing in Arkansas schools, but tests would occur on a “as-needed basis.”

A survey conducted by the Arkansas Education Association reported that almost 98% of educators said it would be difficult to implement social distancing or other safety measures.