Lyon College to Continue Online-only Learning This Fall

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Lyon College in Batesville announced Friday that its students will remain at home this fall semester, learning remotely, as they did this spring because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is the first higher education institution in the state to make such an announcement.

“While we understand the emotional and financial repercussions of this decision, we must put our students and community members’ safety first. Students are the heart of our mission, and we must protect them and our commitment to them,” said President W. Joseph King in an address to students, faculty and staff.

The college will offer on-campus arrangements for international students and students with a compelling need. 

King said in a new release that Lyon’s IT department has adopted additional services to offer effective remote learning options. Faculty also attended a series of workshops in June and July to prepare for the possibility of remote and hybrid courses.

In addition, Lyon will not hold any athletic competitions until after Dec. 31; administrators and the athletic department are looking into opportunities for spring 2021.

Student services will be offered remotely as well, including counseling, health and wellness, and academic support. 

Students will not be charged for fall room and board unless they apply and are eligible to stay on campus.

The college also said it is issuing a grant to all students’ accounts, too, to “acknowledge their resilience.” This “perseverance grant” will reduce each student’s remaining balance by 15% for the fall semester and by 7.5% for the spring 2021 semester.