Coronavirus updates: 784 new positive cases in Arkansas, 15 more deaths

Arkansas has seen a total of 45,381 coronavrius cases since the pandemic began on March 11th.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Last week, Gov. Hutchinson announced that Arkansas high school sports will continue as scheduled this fall. He said the state needs school this fall and, part of school, are the sports and activities.

The governor announced a $10 million Emergency Relief Fund (GEER) for WiFi access points for students across Arkansas. This will provide approximately 20,000 devices with up to 24 months of high speed unlimited data.

Key facts to know:

  • 45,381 known positive cases of COVID-19 in Arkansas 
  • 6,891 active cases
  • 490 reported deaths 
  • 526 hospitalizations
  • 101 on ventilators
  • 37,240 recoveries

Watch Tuesday’s 1:30 p.m. press conference:

Tuesday, August 4

Chancellor Patterson and College of Public Health Dean Mark Williams give an overview of the latest predictive COVID-19 models from the College, based on data collected through July 30. 

Neither Patterson nor Williams shared a long-term prediction of the pandemic in Arkansas, but plan to do so at a later date.

Two models were conducted to show 1) the short-term forecast of confirmed cases and hospitalizations, and 2) assessments of the impact of COVID-19 on counties and various demographic groups in the state.

Both models conclude in exponential growth hitting the state by mid-August. The models show a growth of 15,000 cases within the next 15 days.

To read the full report, click here.

Dr. Jose Romero provided a breakdown of the cases in the state:

  • 784 new cases
  • 6,891 active cases
    • 88 in nursing homes
    • 393 in prisons
    • 6,410 in community
  • 526 hospitalizations
  • 101 ventilators
  • 490 deaths
  • 38,000 recoveries

The governor addressed the potential fraud with the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Claims. He said some claims are on hold because they’ve been identified as potential fraud. Teams are working hard to sort through those and turn over some to the FBI. 

Secretary Mike Preston said this is part of a national or even international ring that’s trying to defraud the system. It goes back decades. Over 27,000 claims are on a hold or potential fraud review and 10,000 more with unemployment insurance.

“Our team has been working very hard to address this,” Preston said. “If you are on a hold status, you should receive a letter in the next couple days on how you can verify yourself. We are partnering with state agencies to help. You’ll bring in your ID, your letter and your PUA claim to make sure you are legit. Then your account will be unlocked. On the other side, if you are a business owner, let them know immediately.” 

During the press conference, Gov. Hutchinson announced 784 new cases, which brings the known total to 45,381. There were 15 more deaths were announced, bringing the total to 490. 

There was a 13-person increase in hospitalizations in the last 24 hours, bringing the total down to 526.

The state of Arkansas completed 5,840 tests in the last 24 hours.

New cases broken down by county:

  • Pulaski County – 149
  • Sebastian County – 56
  • Mississippi County – 55
  • Washington County – 45
  • Garland County – 29
  • Saline County – 25
  • Crittenden County – 24
  • Jefferson County – 23


Monday, August 3

Today marks two weeks since statewide mask mandate. The Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce offers downloadable posters that you can put in the window of your business, to make sure customers know they must wear a mask.

Dr. Jose Romero provided a breakdown of the cases in the state:

  • 787 new cases
    • 6 in prisons
    • 781 in community
  • 6,682 active cases
    • 80 in nursing homes
    • 392 in prisons
    • 6,408 in community
  • 513 hospitalizations
  • 108 ventilators
  • 475 deaths
  • 37,240 recoveries

Dr. Romero stressed for everyone to get the flu vaccine this year. 

“We know there’s a pressure on our hospitals during flu season, but this year we need that space for COVID-19,” Dr. Romero said. “So get your flu test.”

Watch Monday’s press conference:

During the press conference, Gov. Hutchinson announced Arkansas has received 100 antigen testing machines. He said there are also 100 more are on order. 

These will be assigned to public health units with quick turnaround for K-12 schools. So if a teacher or student needs a quick test, these machines will be available for quick testing at public health units. 

Gov. Hutchinson said there are 787 new cases, which brings the known total to 44,597. There were 11 more deaths were announced, bringing the total to 475. 

There was a 2-person decrease in hospitalizations in the last 24 hours, bringing the total down to 513.

There were 194,836 COVID-19 tests completed in July for Arkansas. The new testing goal for the month of August is190,000.  A new goal also calls for another 10,000 antigen tests.

New cases broken down by county:

  • Sebastian County – 87
  • Washington County – 66
  • Pulaski County – 54
  • Benton County – 42
  • Logan County – 37
  • Garland County – 29
  • Crittenden County – 28
  • Jefferson County – 25
  • Mississippi County – 22


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