Uniforms not required for NLRSD students this school year

The district says they made the change in order to put less of a burden on parents, but some feel as though the decision may do the opposite.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark — The North Little Rock School District is waiving the uniform requirement for the school year.

“My middle-schooler is very happy that he gets to wear whatever he wants now,” said Tammy Roberts.

Roberts’ son is a part of the North Little Rock School District and for him, wearing basketball shorts, jeans, and anything other than a uniform, is exciting.

The district made this decision following input from parents as COVID-19 has become a burden for many of them.

“We didn’t want to put any more burden on our families to try and go out and buy uniforms,” said Micheal Stone, executive director of student and equity services at NLRSD.

If parents have already bought uniforms, students can still wear them.

Stone said the district came up with a dress code for K-8th grades that’s similar to high school.

The new rules also apply to virtual students, too.

Some of those include pajamas, hats, sunglasses, bandannas are prohibited, tops must have straps and cover the under arms, back, and stomach, and skirts and shorts should be no shorter than mid-thigh.

Rogers is also an elementary teacher in the district.

She’s worried this change may hurt some of her lower income students rather than help them.

“Normally, they receive their uniforms for free,” said Roberts. “They are burdened with that then if they are going to have to buy regular clothes.”

But the district said they are working hard to provide a safe place for the students this school year amid the changes.

“We just ask for patience and understanding and know that we are making decisions that are important,” said Stone.

NLRSD parents can also expect different start and end times to the school day.

For more information on the dress code and school times, you can head to the district’s website.