Bryant Elementary getting books to students through ‘library on wheels’

Due to coronavirus concerns, school libraries everywhere are coming up with safe, creative ways to eliminate hallway traffic.

BRYANT, Ark. — School libraries across the state are coming up with creative ways to keep books in the hands of children this unusual school year.

“We are taking a massive library and putting it on a cart, that’s kind of drastic, especially for the kids,” said Lark West, Bryant Elementary library media specialist.  

BES’ library won’t look the same. It’s now on wheels and jazzed up with lights, music, decorations, and of course, books.

“We want to make sure that those kids see the things that they love and recognize, to give them comfort in all this difference we have going on,” said West.

West will now take the library to each student in their classrooms.

It’s a school effort to eliminate the amount of people moving in the hallways in hopes to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“When the kids are finished with the books that we let them check out, we have to quarantine them for about 3 to 4 days,” said West.

West showed us these quarantine carts donated by Lowe’s.

They are shopping carts labeled with “these books are in quarantine until” with the day of the week on each cart.

This will help the librarians remember when it’s safe for books to return to the shelves.

“We looked at CDC guidelines and there’s really no way to clean a book. We can clean the outside, but there’s no way we can clean paper. So, it needs to sit for those amounts of days to make sure the germs die off and that we don’t spread that to others who want to get that book,” said West.

Bryant staff have made shirt buttons to wear during the year. It shows their unmasked, smiling faces to help students better recognize them.