LRSD still waiting for supplies to arrive before school starts next week

The school district is still waiting on shipments for chrome books and hot spots for students.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — We’re in countdown mode to the first day of school, but the Little Rock School District is still waiting to get its back-to-school list finished.

In a Community Advisory Board meeting on Thursday night, the LRSD explained they are still waiting on shipments for chrome books and hot spots for students.

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This week, thousands of students received their laptops to do their learning from home. The goal is for every LRSD student to get a laptop in case they need to shift from in-class to virtual learning, but right now, there’s not enough for everyone.

“We have enough to meet all the virtual students’ needs and then when we receive our last order of chrome books, we will be able to provide those devices to all of our in-person students,” said Dr. Jeremy Owoh, LRSD’s Deputy Superintendent of Academics and School Leadership.

Plus, the LRSD is waiting for another shipment. They have not received any hot spots for those students who need internet connectivity. 

Little Rock School Superintendent Michael Poore said in a meeting on Thursday night that it’s not just an LRSD issue, but a statewide issue.

“Everybody is running into the same issue there and wondering where they are at,” said Poore. “Even the 500 from the state haven’t arrived yet, so we are still in a holding pattern.”

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The Little Rock School District ordered 2,500 hot spots, and faculty will determine which students can have them. 

The shipments of those and the chrome books are expected to get here by the middle of September.