Coronavirus updates: 320 new cases in Arkansas, 9 new deaths

Arkansas has reported a total of 56,894 coronavirus cases since the pandemic began on March 11th.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — On Monday, August 24 students and teachers in the state of Arkansas begin their first day back to school. “Students need school, so let’s make sure we do everything we can to help,” Gov. Hutchinson said.  

Last week, Gov. Hutchinson announced that Arkansas’s unemployment rate reduced to 7.1%. That’s down a full percentage point from 8.1.

Arkansas also saw the largest number of deaths in a single day with 22 last week.

Key facts to know:

  • 56,894 known positive cases of COVID-19 in Arkansas 
  • 5,509 active cases
  • 696 reported deaths
  • 466 hospitalizations
  • 106 on ventilators
  • 50,689 recoveries

Watch Monday’s 1:30 p.m. press conference here:

Monday. August 24

Governor Hutchinson said Arkansas’s goal is as low as we can go. Reducing the positivity rate below 5% — that’s a goal. 

“We want to reduce cases until we can get a vaccine,” the governor said. “It’s now a matter of saving more lives and reducing the spread. We’re not to the point where we’re thinking about lifting limitations on capacity. We want get back to a routine life with no restrictions, but we need to have more success.”

Dr. Jose Romero broke down the new COVID-19 cases by county:

  • Pulaski 46
  • Faulkner 36
  • Poinsett 23

“I’d like to point out that one-third of cases on August 10 had no symptoms,” Dr. Romero said, referring to the governor’s contact tracing graphs. “This means an asymptomatic person can still spread the virus so that’s why we encourage everyone to wear a mask.”

There are 320 new coronavirus cases in Arkansas and 9 more deaths. One of the deaths was a delayed report from last month.

Gov. Hutchinson reported 4,629 people were tested over the last 24 hours.

There was a 34-person decrease in hospitalizations.

“Today is the first day of school and I was reflecting that two weeks ago I challenged Arkansas to reduce the cases,” Gov. Hutchinson said. “I want to thank everyone to take responsibility to reduce numbers.”

There have been 140,065 COVID-19 tests completed for the month of August. 


Sunday, August 23

Below are the daily statewide hospitalization numbers as given to us by hospitals as of 2 p.m. as of Sunday.

  • Current Hospitalizations: 500
  • Total Beds: 9,111
  • Total Beds Available: 9,111
  • Total ICU Beds: 1,011
  • Total ICU Beds Available: 129
  • Total Vents: 1,052
  • Total Vents Available: 703
  • Total Covid patients in ICU: 236
  • Total Covid patients on vents: 110