Walmart Updates Diversity Report

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Walmart Inc. of Bentonville released its report on the company’s culture, diversity and inclusion Wednesday.

The report, normally released annually, has been changed to twice a year, said Ben Hasan, Walmart’s senior vice president and chief culture, diversity and inclusion office.

“We want to be open and transparent about the progress we’re making toward building a Walmart for everyone,” Hasan said.

Hasan said the biannual report is also more expansive with more than 90 new data points. The report details the company’s employment representation by women and racial and ethnic minorities at all levels in the United States and by women internationally.

Hasan highlighted some of the company’s achievements in diversity hiring, which included an increase of more than 7% in management-to-management promotions for people of color since 2019 and by more than 44% since the beginning of fiscal 2021. The company has increased the number of people of color in officer positions by nearly 3% since 2019 and by nearly 25% in fiscal 2021.

Hasan said the report is also the official introduction of the company’s Shared Value Networks, which Walmart hopes to use to make impacts in society in the areas such as criminal justice, education and health care. The company is also making a concerted effort to ensure career advancement opportunities for women and people of color, and Walmart is requiring all U.S.-based officers to participate in a two-day racial equality workshop this year.