MFA Oil Co. Buys Simmons Foods’ Propane Business

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MFA Oil Co. of Columbia, Missouri, a farmer-owned energy supply cooperative, said this month that it has purchased Simmons Energy Solutions, the propane business of Simmons Foods Inc. of Siloam Springs.

The deal includes locations in Decatur, Arkansas and Jay, Oklahoma. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“The Simmons Energy acquisition fits well with the core geography we serve,” Kenny Steeves, senior vice president of MFA Oil operations, said in a news release. “Our operational footprint overlaps with Simmons Energy and should contribute to the efficiency gains we hope to see through this acquisition. As a farmer owned cooperative, our focus on customer service will align well with the poultry growers and customers that we will be serving in northern Arkansas and Oklahoma.”

In that same statement, Simmons Foods COO David Jackson said the company determined that its propane business was outside its core businesses in poultry and animal nutrition.

“We are confident that we leave our customers in good hands with MFA Oil and we will work together to ensure a seamless transition process,” he said, noting that MFA plans to extend job offers to the majority of employees.