Arkansas citizens help Korean War veteran to front of early voting line

Linda Richardson said she witnessed two men go over to the elderly Korean War veteran and help escort him up the stairs to cast his vote.

SHERWOOD, Ark. — In a world of chaos, a little bit of hope shines on Arkansas’s first day of early voting.

Linda Richardson was standing in line to cast her early vote for the 2020 Presidential Elections in Sherwood, Ark. at First Baptist Church when she witnesses a true act of kindness. 

Richardson said while in the very long early voting line, an elderly Korean War veteran drove up to the voting site. 

As she watched from 100 feet away from the voting entrance, she and the others in line noticed the elderly gentleman in his Koren War hat was struggling with his walker to make it through the parking lot. 

“It was impossible for anyone handicapped to navigate the line,” Richardson said, “because most of it was on grassy hills.”

The handicap ramp was blocked and the veteran insisted on taking the stairs. 

Richardson said she then witnessed two men go to the elderly gentleman and help escort him up the stairs.

“Before they started up, a young lady in a social worker T-shirt offered him a mask since he wasn’t wearing one,” Richardson said.

Richardson said the gentleman insisted on going to the back of the line, but the crowd wouldn’t hear of it. 

“They parted and waved him forward and let him go first. Everyone in line was clapping and cheering and saluting him! There wasn’t a dry eye in that line once that gentleman got to the front door,” Richardson said.

She said she was still in line when the gentleman came through the exit door after he voted and everyone continued to clap and cheer for him as well. 

Richardson said a tall Black man in fatigues then walked the veteran to his vehicle.