Hot Springs family, friends want justice for half-brothers killed in August

When half-brothers Tyson Stewart and Kason Porter were killed in a shooting in August, no one was arrested. The family wants justice.

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — Family and friends of two young men killed in a shooting in Hot Springs in August protested near the Spa City police department on Saturday.

Tyson Stewart and Kason Porter, half-brothers from Mountain Pine, died August 21.

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According to police, the shooting happened during a home invasion.

After interviewing the people in the house, no one has been arrested.

But the family says the men were lured there for a party and they had never been in any kind of trouble before.

The man who raised Stewart and Porter says police need to investigate further.

“The night these shootings happened and the investigation and the preliminary results, so far, almost make me feel like my boys were stereotyped,” said Michael Porter, the victims’ father.

 The family says detectives still consider the case open.

Hot Springs police did ask for information from the public when they announced there would be no arrests.

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