Arkansas doctor worries as hospital sees influx of COVID-19 patients

As we continue to see high amounts of cases and hospitalizations, a doctor on the front lines tells THV11 what he’s seeing.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Across Arkansas, COVID-19 cases are surging. A small-town doctor, who prefers to stay anonymous, is seeing 4 times more COVID patients than he did in September.

“In September, there were about 6 COVID positive patients in the hospital on average. Right now, it’s closer to 25,” said the doctor.

He is also seeing record-high cases in his town. From September to November cases have doubled. He saw the biggest increase on Wednesday with more than 150 cases reported in a day.

With the influx of cases, his hospital is preparing for disaster scenarios ranging from backup staff to extra COVID areas.

“Once we start having more cases do we dedicate entire floors to COVID? Basically, how do you call in people to help cover? How do you prevent an entire unit of entire people from getting sick,” the doctor asked.

When asked if he was scared about getting COVID-19, he said yes.

“It’s nice being able to help people, but it’s always in the back of your mind,” said the doctor.”

He said hospital staff is wearing PPE, but his biggest concern is being asymptomatic or tracking the virus back to his family.

One good thing this doctor has noticed is the amount of work and dedication health care workers are giving to those in need.

“Everyone is working hard. Everyone is trying to keep a smile on their face. Everyone is putting in extra work and going above and beyond,” said the doctor.

He hopes people will take the necessary precautions as we head into the holiday season to protect others.