Little Rock has seen 5 times more pedestrian accidents in 2020 compared to last year

In Little Rock there have been 115 pedestrian accidents this year so far. At this time last year, there were only 22.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — With the nice weather, more people are out and about, whether walking or cycling around little rock.

But it’s come at a cost… the Little Rock Police Department has seen 5 times more pedestrian accidents and fatalities than this time last year.

So far this year in Little Rock, there have been 115 pedestrian accidents. 

There were only 22 at this point last year.

The area of most concern is Asher and University as it is a corridor to several other roadways and parts of the city. 

“We’ve seen an increase in foot traffic whether it be someone walking to the grocery store,” said Barnes. 

“We do have homeless in the area and people crossing the roads going from one store to the next,” said Barnes.

Collisions are not solely at night but during all times of the day. 

If you are walking, cycling, or perhaps using a scooter in the city, make sure to use crosswalks and stay aware of your surroundings.

“If someone is walking in that area or walking anywhere in the city, use a sidewalk. Try not to be distracted by your devices. If you are using earphones try to keep them low or take them out,” said Barnes. 

“If there isn’t a sidewalk try to walk against the traffic, so you can see what’s coming toward you, unlike not seeing what’s behind you,” said Barnes.

LRPD also wants to remind drivers that pedestrians have a right to the roadway as well.

“If you do see someone try to yield to them and move out of the way. They have no means to protect themselves versus a person in a vehicle,” said Barnes.

In any pedestrian versus motor collision accident or fatality, it is investigated by Little Rock Police.