VERIFY: What exactly is the mask mandate inside Arkansas restaurants?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — COVID-19 numbers continue to climb in Arkansas, but Gov. Hutchinson has made it clear there will no shut down of businesses.

Many are trying their best to find normalcy, but it’s brought about concern for one viewer who turned to our Verify Team to clear up confusion on the mask mandate.

I went into a restaurant to pick up my order and noticed every table in the restaurant and bar was packed, with few having food or drinks served and maskless. Are masks still mandated to be worn in restaurants except for when drinking and eating?

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, “Patrons must wear a face covering while in the establishment when physical distancing of 6 feet cannot be ensured. This is most likely in entry or waiting areas, while visiting a customer self-service area (buffet, salad bar, etc.), while walking to their seat, visiting the restroom, etc. As before, face coverings may be removed when food or drink arrives.”

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