Bishop Woosley Hired as Consultant for SCA Lottery Division

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Arkansas’ former lottery director has been hired to consult for one of the industry’s biggest vendors.

SCA of Dallas announced Thursday that Bishop Woosley will consult with the firm “on the best solutions and services to bring to the lottery industry.” SCA provides risk mitigation and budget management services for lottery industry and companies all over the world.

Woosley started Woosley Gaming Advisors LLC after leaving the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery in August. In a news release, he said SCA was one of his first calls after leaving the lottery after eight years as director.

“Their innovative solutions for risk and budget management for lotteries have never before been so relevant,” Woosley said in a news release. “I’m excited to help bring their expertise to my friends in the industry.”

SCA said its deal with Woosley comes “at a very opportune time,” with SCA renewing a contract to cover the risk for the Texas Lottery Commission’s retailer bonus program and multiple second-chance promotions for Scientific Games.

“We are so thrilled and fortunate to have Bishop on as a consultant,” SCA Director of Business Jackie Walker said. “It’s like going to ‘lottery school.’ Learning from him will allow us to develop more relevant and helpful solutions for the industry.”

Woosley is a former president of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries and recent inductee to the Lottery Hall of Fame. He joined the lottery in 2009 as chief legal counsel. He was named director in 2012 following the departure of the lottery’s first director Ernie Passailaigue.

The Department of Finance and Administration named J. Eric Hagler as the new director of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery in August. A former deputy prosecuting attorney, Hagler later created his own law firm, presided as a magistrate judge in Bentonville and served as special associate justice of the state Supreme Court in 2003. He moved back to Arkansas from California to lead the lottery.