Walmart to Acquire Last Mile Platform

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An executive with Walmart Inc. of Bentonville announced in a Nov. 19 LinkedIn post that the company is acquiring the technology startup company JoyRun of Redwood City, California.

Srini Venkatesan, executive vice president for Walmart Global Tech, said the acquisition would help the retailer with its last-mile delivery. He also said Walmart would acquire “select assets” of JoyRun that included its talent, technology platform and internet protocol number.

Venkatesan said the company expects the deal to close in the next few weeks. JoyRun, a peer-to-peer platform, was founded in 2015 and allows users to place orders — for anything from “burgers, batteries and BBQ,” according to the JoyRun website — that “runners” will then pick up and deliver.

Venkatesan said JoyRun has built a network of 540 merchants and more than 30,000 runners.

“This acquisition allows us to further augment our team and ongoing efforts to explore even more ways to deliver for customers in the future,” he wrote in the post.