The need for ‘Giving Tuesday’ is greater than ever in 2020

“There’s a need and as soon as we feel like we are meeting that need, more need arises, so I don’t know when the end is in sight.”

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Every year the Tuesday after Thanksgiving means it’s time to give!

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement and as well all know, that generosity is needed more than ever here in our state.

Giving Tuesday gives us a chance to refocus, during all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and bring it back to what’s important.

For those nonprofits in our community whose mission statements are based on giving back, this year especially, they need a little give in return.

Executive Director of CAPCA, Jennifer Welter, said the need has “intensified.”

“There’s a need and as soon as we feel like we are meeting that need, more need arises, so I don’t know when the end is in sight,” she said.

For non-profits and charities across the state, it’s a similar story. 

United Way Vice President of Communications and Engagement Mollie Palmer said supplies are less and demand is more.

“We’re facing a time when fewer people are able to give and more people are in need of help,” Palmer said.

According to Welter, CAPCA is one of the 15 community action agencies that serves the state of Arkansas with a mission to eliminate poverty. 

The agency provides low-income families with a variety of services from utility assistance to housing.

“As you can imagine with COVID, we’re seeing a lot more need all around for the agency from people that typically wouldn’t have those needs,” she said.

Welter said the increase is creating long lines at food pantries and $0 in funds.

“We recently have had a rental program that we have gone through $179,000 in three weeks, so it’s a huge need,” she said.

Over at United Way, Palmer described the need for the over 40 non-profits they help support as “different.”

“We were investing more in food and shelter and housing assistance for people who were laid off as a result of this crisis,” she said.

Palmer said during this holiday season it’s more important than ever that people consider what our community looks like, what it needs, and how we can get out of this together.

“We’re really working hard to try to figure out how best to do that and that obviously requires people who are able to give and to be able to give generously,” she said.

You can donate to United Way here and to CAPCA here.

You can also head to your favorite charity or non-profit’s social media to find out how to donate to those organizations, as long as you get out and give!