Rep. Crawford was only Arkansas Republican to vote to object election results

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Congressman Rick Crawford was the only member of Congress from Arkansas to object to President-elect Joe Biden’s win after a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol and stopped the certification for several hours.

A group of 68 Republicans, which included Crawford, objected to the Electoral College tally but ultimately failed as lawmakers affirmed Biden’s win Thursday morning.

“Crawford has spent his last term in a race to the bottom for the sake of relevance with his base, afraid of alienating fringe voters. Our leaders should step up and educate voters on real issues,” said Michael John Gray, Chairman for the Democratic Party of Arkansas. “Instead Crawford promotes conspiracy theories and encourages people to keep believing in alternate realities.”

Gray continued, saying that “leaders lead, rodeo clowns rodeo clown.”

Several Arkansas lawmakers, including Crawford, condemned the actions after rioters made their way into the Capitol. The mob was emboldened by Trump, who has falsely attacked the election’s integrity and asked his supporters to protest Biden’s victory.

Sen. Tom Cotton has said the violence was unacceptable that the violent mob “needs to be met with the full force of the law.”