Video: Professional Development Key to Retaining Employees

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James Schafer, the human resources director for Phigenics of Fayetteville, talks to Arkansas Business about how his company works to attract and retain workers. He also shares his No. 1 piece of advice to companies looking to improve recruitment and retention programs.

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Schafer says it can be a challenge for his company to find a prospect with the right mix of technical expertise and sales or consulting skills. To hold on those workers, they invest heavily in professional development and training, and they strive to provide opportunities for those workers to rise in the company, he says.

Schafer spoke to Arkansas Business on Nov. 12, 2020, at the Arkansas Business Best Places to Work Awards, where Phigenics received the Benchmark Award, given to the company whose workplace goes above and beyond in offering employee benefits, professional development programs and other perks.

See the complete interview with Schafer on YouTube.