Arkansas businesses start to reopen as snow melts

Several businesses had to temporarily shut their doors during the snow storm. Now, they are returning to their normal operations.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — With weather becoming somewhat normal again, local businesses are hoping that means things will start picking up for them.

Some stores are returning to normal operations, but others are waiting out the melt.

Before the snow hit Arkansas, Lia Lent, owner of Wordsworth Books saw a lot more people preparing to stay inside.

“People just kept coming in and buying huge quantities of books,” said Lent.

The bookstore closed for a few days while the winter weather was at its worst, but they were still able to work from home. A remote system they put in place for COVID precautions now becoming handy during the snow.

Now, Wordsworth is back open and expecting books to begin shipment again soon. Lent says she is expecting a shipment of 600 books to arrive any day now.

Down the road, Abbi’s Teas & Things is still closed. The owner has been doing a curbside tea stand during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it hasn’t been operational since the snowy weather began.

“I do that out here in the yard, and so when it snows like this, I can’t do that necessarily,” said Abbi Siler, owner of Abbi’s Teas & Things.

But that didn’t stop her sales… her online store kept business rolling.

“If anything, the last year between the pandemic and dealing with all the crazy weather, it has taught me how to be a little bit more innovative and creative on how to keep going,” said Siler.

Abbi’s tea stand is expected to begin again next Monday.