Local church hosts Resurrection Sunday at War Memorial Stadium

Pulaski Heights United Methodist church made sure all of its members could attend their Resurrection Sunday service.

Pulaski Heights United Methodist church made sure all of its members and anyone else who wanted to attend their Resurrection Sunday service could by hosting it at War Memorial Stadium Easter.

It’s the first time in 13 months that senior pastor Dr. John Robbins has had an in-person congregation. He had been preaching virtually because of the pandemic.

“It is a great joy to see your beautiful masked faces this morning,” said Robbins Sunday morning, “I’ve also had a number of people say to me, ‘You don’t ever crack a joke when you preach.’ I crack jokes all the time when I preach, but when nobody’s there it doesn’t seem to have the same emphasis.”

Michael McMurray, the communications director for the church, says they’ll continue to meet at their main building, but it’s because of its limited capacity that they wanted Easter Sunday to be special for everyone.

“War Memorial gave us an opportunity to have a larger crowd and to make sure that we didn’t have to turn anyone away. We worked with the War Memorial Stadium staff who were great in helping us run this event,” said Murry.

He said they collaborated to ensure safe social distancing. 

Masks were mandatory, hand sanitizers were in place for a straight walk through the main gate, and they offered hands-free programs for people to grab.

Dr. John Robbins told the story of Jesus being risen and encouraged his congregation to hold on to the hope for a better tomorrow.

McMurray says the message was better felt in fellowship.

“We really kind of had to imagine what a worship service at this football stadium would look like,” said McMurray.