Tyson Foods Expands Vaccination Program

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Tyson Foods Inc. of Springdale said Tuesday that it is expanding its COVID-19 vaccination program to include employees family members and others who are living at the employees’ home.

Tyson Foods has offered free, on-site vaccinations to employees. It recently began its expanded program in five states where family members and those living in the employees’ home were vaccinated for free at Tyson Foods’ facilities.

“Tyson is a family company, and we know our team members want to ensure their families and those they live with are protected against the virus, so we’re pleased to start giving them access to our free, onsite vaccinations,” said Dr. Claudia Coplein, the company’s chief medical officer.

“We strive to be a valued partner in every plant community our team members call home. We know expanding access to the vaccine not only helps them and their loved ones but can have positive public health implications for the broader communities where we operate.”

The company said about 40,000 employees have been vaccinated. It has 119,915 U.S. employees, and the company provided four hours of pay if they are vaccinated after work or off site of a Tyson Foods location.